Welcome to Vascular Surgery!

Vascular surgery can be described as the assessment, diagnosis and surgical management of conditions affecting the circulatory system; arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels. Vascular surgeons work as part of a large MDT to support the patient, often becoming a more central figure when a condition can no longer be managed via conservative or medical approaches.
Due to the increasing prevalence of long term conditions, such as Diabetes, which can have vascular consequences, vascular surgery becomes a specialty of ever increasing importance. As well as traditional open procedures, endovascular approaches to surgeries have become more frequent, which has meant shorter recovery periods with less pain and scarring for patients. My favourite procedure is probably a carotid endarterectomy (CEA). I recently assisted on one of these procedures in the QEH and found it fascinating. It is a preventative operation that significantly decreases the chances of the patient having a stroke, therefore increasing their quality of life.  

The specialty of vascular surgery only became a separate specialty in 2012, having previously been incorporated into the general surgery training pathway, as a sub-specialty. Therefore, with a slightly smaller cohort of trainees, it is a close knit network, with its own association dedicated to supporting vascular trainees; the Rouleaux club. As well as lots of support, this specialty offers many research opportunities and exciting projects, hence why I am keen to pursue a career in it.

Ruby Hill
Vascular Surgery Lead