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Welcome to Urology!

Urology is the surgical specialty aimed at treating disease, trauma and congenital abnormality of the kidneys, bladder, genitalia and urinary tract, as well as male sexual and reproductive health. As a specialty it has pioneered the use of new technologies, commonly utilising minimally invasive techniques including endoscopic, key-hole and natural orifice approaches to surgical management of a range of conditions.

Urology remains at the forefront of developing and utilising robotic surgery in the quest to improve patient outcomes, where such technology sees most common use in the treatment of prostate cancer, ever the more important, as prostate cancer becomes the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK. It is an incredible time to be involved with such an exciting and constantly evolving specialty, which never fails to challenge convention, promoting better patient-centred outcomes.

Falaq Raheel
Urology Lead