Ananya Nair
Paediatric Surgery Lead

Welcome to Paediatric Surgery!

It is a common misconception that Paediatric Surgery is a subspecialty of General Surgery. However, this is incorrect as this is a specialty that is defined by age rather than an area of the body or a condition. Paediatric surgeons are responsible for the treatment of children of all ages from birth through to adolescence. Adults and children vary anatomically, physiologically, and emotionally. Subsequently, the skills and training required to treat them are different.

These surgeons perform a wide range of procedures from routine surgeries like appendectomies and hernia repair to more complex surgeries like oncology and trauma surgery. One of my areas of interest is the rapidly developing advancements in minimally invasive surgery, suitable for the smaller bodies of children and neonates.


I adore engaging with children and to be able to combine that with my passion for surgery is appealing to me. Through SurgSoc, I look forward to exploring the dynamic field of paediatric surgery with all of you in the coming year.

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