Prisca Singh
Neurosurgery Lead

Welcome to Neurosurgery!

Neurosurgery is a surgical speciality that involves procedures concerning any part of the nervous system – from the brain and spinal cord to peripheral nerves, as well as cerebral vasculature. I particularly like this speciality because of its diverse application – whether you’re interested in paediatrics, trauma, oncology or more, there’s a sub-speciality to suit your interests. A few examples of the more common operations carried out by a neurosurgeon include deep brain surgery – implanting a brain stimulation device, to help treat Parkinson’s, epilepsy and more – as well as disc herniation and skull-base surgery.


I hope this highlights the variety available in this area of surgery! My personal favourite procedure is spina bifida surgery, which can have a massive impact on a neonate’s life, preserving spinal cord function, and in the majority of cases, avoiding any neurological deficit. I look forward to seeing you at our events this year!

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