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What do we offer?

Surgical Innovation, Education, and Career Inspiration


Check out our anatomy tab to learn more about human anatomy through online teaching, lectures and handouts.

Surgical Skills

Want to master your surgical skills including gloving and gowning, suturing, knot tying and procedural skills? Visit our skills page for videos and keep an eye out for our skills courses.


Get excited for our annual SurgSoc Symposium, perfect for networking, learning surgical skills and speaking with surgeons across all surgical specialities.


Stay tuned for exciting talks on surgical innovation, our annual "so you want to be a surgeon" series, women in surgery and much more.


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Have a surgical speciality that interests you? Want to learn more about innovation across surgical specialities? Head over to our specialities tab featuring blog posts for each speciality.

Careers Fair

Join us for our careers fairs for first hand experience of each speciality, delivered by surgeons and surgical trainees. This provides the perfect opportunity to network.


Our events provide the perfect opportunity to network with surgeons and like-minded budding students, who can support you with planning for a career in surgery.

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