Bisam Ul Haq
General Surgery Lead

Welcome to General Surgery!

General surgery consists of treating an array of different surgical conditions. These range from conditions of the GI tract to the Anus. It is not just limited to the GI:  trauma to the abdominal regions and breast conditions also come under general surgery. 

General surgery comes second to trauma and orthopaedics, as the largest surgical speciality in the UK. It employs 31% of the country’s consultants! General surgery is where you can expect to see the cutting-edge & revolutionised laparoscopic techniques. Most abdominal operations and hernia repair are carried out this way. 

Sub-specialties within general surgery include (and are not limited to): transplant surgery, upper GI, lower GI, breast surgery, colorectal & endocrine. The speciality also attracts military surgeons - where their training puts emphasis on trauma and emergency surgery. 

General Surgery is represented by the Royal College of Surgeons.

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