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Cardiothoracic Surgery is a surgical speciality concerned with treating pathology associated with thoracic organs, primarily the heart and lungs. It is a very delicate and intense surgical speciality that has binary outcomes - life or death. However, technological advancement has resulted in the development of minimally invasive procedures which carry a significantly lower risk of death and the development of equipment such as the cardiopulmonary bypass machines to aid procedures.

This speciality has seen numerous technological advancements including cardiopulmonary bypass to perform complex surgeries with greater visibility, CardioMEMS heart failure coin-sized device in situ in the pulmonary artery for real-time monitoring of heart rate and pulmonary pressure, to LVAD and BiVAD devices to support effective ventricular ejection of blood. 

Cardiothoracic surgery is a very challenging and competitive field but this is what makes it exciting and fun! It is a rewarding career as you have the opportunity to witness immediate life changing outcomes as a result of your work. The constantly evolving use of technology and introduction of innovations, which you will have the opportunity to use in your own practice, makes this a very dynamic career so you will not find yourself bored. If you appreciate practical work involving a high degree of manual dexterity, you will not be disappointed by a career in cardiothoracic surgery! Cardiothoracic surgery also provides the opportunity to explore your own interests further within the field through allowing sub-specialisation within adult cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery or congenital surgery.

Sam Brown & Gobeka Ponniah
Cardiothoracic Surgery Leads
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