Conor Boylan, Adeolu Banjoko, Aishah Mughal, John Ong
Anatomy Team

Introduction to Anatomy!

Knowledge of anatomy is essential to whatever flavour of medicine you may find yourself enjoying in the future. All surgical specialities require an intimate familiarity with the human form, lest you chop off the wrong bit. Medical diseases would be impossible to treat if you didn’t know what organs were affected. Clinical sciences and pharmacology would be useless if you couldn’t understand metabolism, distribution and excretion in their macroscopic senses. And that’s not to mention physiotherapy, nutrition, nursing and the numerous other medical fields.

When you’re a clinician, you’ll look rather silly if you mix up your mammary gland with your iliotibial band, your axilla with your maxilla, your pollex with your… well, you get the point. But let’s be honest, most medical students don’t know their olecranon process from their ischial tuberosity.

That’s where we try to help. The SurgSoc Anatomy team delivers quality teaching aimed at both preclinical and clinical students throughout the year. We do this in the form of our weekly podcast series, Anatomage-based teaching sessions, demonstrator lectures and trips to interesting locations related to the study of anatomy.

Stay up to date with our pages to keep in the loop about our upcoming events and teaching sessions and ensure you don’t miss a chance to get ahead! Check out our podcasts page for our very own 'More Than Skin Deep' anatomy videos!